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Game of Thrones Season 8 online in high quality

Spring 2019 for fans of the cult TV series "Game of Thrones" brought joyful and sad news at the same time. On TV screens out the long-awaited 8 season of the series. From this news, the hearts of the fans freeze - there are several hours ahead in the long-familiar world of the Seven Kingdoms. And sadness fills the heart at the thought that this season will be final. Shooting season 8 began in October 2017 and ended in July 2018. In the new series, a greater number of battle scenes are expected, in which a record number of actors was engaged in television. In one of the episodes of the final season of "Game of Thrones", the viewer will see a battle between the army of the undead and people. For large-scale filming took more time than when creating the previous seasons. The scope of the new season is obvious - in terms of costs, it has overtaken the highest grossing blockbusters of the last decade. For each episode of the eighth season, HBO allocated up to $ 10 million.

The first seasons of the series were filmed on the book by George R.R. Martin, but since the sixth season, the series began to outpace the original source. The author, busy writing the script for the series, did not have time to work on the continuation of the book. Therefore, the series finale is likely to be different from the book version.

Already in August 2018, HBO, to stir up the interest of the audience and make the intrigue more intense, publishes videos, teaser trailers, promotional footage of the final season of the Game of Thrones. The meeting with the new season of the series is scheduled for April 14, 2019.

King of the Night in the series Game of Thrones Season 8

So stay with us as the eighth season unfolds, war rages, and we find out who will survive the last battles for Westeros, and whether there will be anything left to rule by the time this is done. We will have weekly reviews of what matters in each episode, we will unpack the history and knowledge of the show, and we will help viewers understand what they just saw on the screen. In addition, play with our weekly fantasy sports league Game of Thrones, as we collect points every Monday to find out who wins the game of thrones.

The series Game of Thrones season 8: photos, videos, description of series

The final season of the cult fantasy series " Game of Thrones ", shot in the series of books "The Song of Ice and Flame" by George Martin. It was originally planned that the seventh season will be the final one, but in March 2017, HBO director Casey Blois announced that the series was extended to the eighth season.

Filming of the 8th season, based on two unpublished the novels of the song “Song of Ice and Flame”, began in October 2017 and lasted until July 2018. The final part of the series “ Game of Thrones ” will consist of six episodes, which will be aired from April to May 2019.

Plot of the series Game of Thrones Season 8

The last game of thrones season begins in Winterfell, where Daenerys and her warriors arrive, ready to seize the Iron Throne. From the north an army of the dead is coming, led by the King of the night and the icy resurrected dragon. If people do not find an opportunity to unite, then eternal winter will descend on the earth.

Cersei, who sits in the capital of Westeros, in the current environment feels more confident than many: she is waiting for good reinforcement in the person of the Golden Swords, a detachment of mercenaries from Essos, which includes knights and former lords. Swords are considered the strongest and most famous detachment operating in the Free Cities, and commanded by Harry Strickland, nicknamed Homeless Harry

Arya Stark trained in the temple of the Many Faces, the god of death, to become the perfect killer that can easily change the appearance and penetrate anywhere. In the seventh season, he and Sansa finally reunited at Winterfell. In the final, the sisters will work together, sometimes against John, as Macy Williams assured. In addition, now Arya is the owner of a dragon glass dagger - this is one of two materials that can kill White Walker.

In the third episode, the audience will face a massive battle for the stark stronghold - Winterfell Castle, which the merciless King wants to seize nights And in the fifth series, which received the unofficial name “Long Night”, the army of the dead and the troops of humanity will meet. The shooting of this battle lasted 11 weeks, everything happened at night with the participation of 750 crew members.

Also, one of the most reliable-looking versions of developments in the eighth season says that the fans of the series will see the scene of the death of one of the three dragons Deineris Targaryen Reigal in the battle for Winterfell. Bran Stark will transfer his mind to the body of the dragon and will fight the King of the Night, sitting on the back of Viserion, who has gone over to the side of the white walkers. Defeating his living fellow Vizerion will help his inability to feel pain while being dead. However, there is another version where the dragon race can be continued. Maester Amon told Sam Tarley that dragons "do not have sex - they are changeable like a flame, and each of them is male, then female." Thus, even if Drogon remains the only surviving dragon, he can lay a dragons egg.

Production of the series Game of Thrones Season 8

On May 25, 2016 it became known that the filming of the seventh and eighth seasons will be held on the Canary Islands. In the fall of 2016, HBO representatives visited Sweden and Norway in search of suitable locations for filming. However, the seventh season was not filmed in any of these countries (scenes behind the Wall were filmed in Iceland), so the fans of the series suggested that they would shoot part of the scenes of the final, eighth season. In addition, part of the scenes will be filmed in Andalusia. It is also known that the producers of HBO were going to shoot in Italica (where they already shot Dragon Lair for the final episode of the seventh season) and in Las Atransas. In addition, members of the film crew showed interest in the castle of Urueña and the church of Santa Maria del Azog.

At the end of 2017, actor Ben Crompton (Addison Tolette) said that the shooting of the 8th season suspended and will continue next year. January 17, 2018 filming continued in Belfast. At the beginning of February , the Games of Thrones team moved to Croatia, where they set up a small camp near Dubrovnik, where they removed the Royal Harbor.

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